Toronto Blue Danube Club -- Donauschwabenklub Toronto

This is a completely unofficial web page, by someone who is not part of the the Cub, to help people find out about traditional German social dancing events at the club of Danube-Swabians, also known as Blue Danube Club, in Scarboro.

Scheduled Events

Sat Oct  4 Oktoberfest
Sat Oct 18 Herbstfest
Sat Nov  8 Martinitanz
Sat Nov 29 Schwabenfest

Thu Dec 18 Christmas Show
    17:00 opening
    19:30 Showtime
    -- Margret Almer, Austria
    -- Allgäuer Bergvagabunden, Bayern
    -- Raphael, Schwarzwald
    Admission: $27
    Always sold out -- make reservations early.
    Contact: Erika Partsis 905 477-5907, Regina King 416 284-4010

Wed Dec 31 New Years Gala

Toronto Blue Danube Club is located at
1686 Ellesmere Road, Toronto, Ontario M1H 2V5
45 minutes from Bloor and Yonge on subway/SRT.
30 minutes from York Mills subway by TTC bus York Mills 95 or 95B.

There's free indoor parking.

This web page is a work in progress, started on May 9th, 2014, by Peter Renzland.
Any help, correction, suggestion, or question is most welcome.

The next Kaffeetanz is on Sunday, Jun 22, 1500-1900. Flier PDF (100kB)

There will be Waltzes, Polkas, and all sorts of dances popular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking communities. The cost is $12, which includes coffee and cake. A Goulash soup is also available for $5.

There will be no Kaffetanz in July and August. There will probably be an excellent Oktoberfest weekend in late September.

Apparently there are no more Kaffetanz events planned, as of Oct 12, 2014. ;-(

The Club has a beautiful dance floor, and the dances are a real treasure for those who appreciate good traditional German social dancing.

You can try to contact the Club as follows:
facebook page
1686 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1H 2V5
Tel: (416) 290-6186 Tuesdays 10:00-14:00, Wednesdays 13:00-16:00 (really!)

I am a dancer, and I know a little about computing. So, I'm helping out with creating and maintaining a minimalist Internet presence for the Club on the Net.

If you are interested in dancing, feel free to contact me.

Peter Renzland 416 323-1300   _@_      {)/' (}, @  `\@    {)/'
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