Prinsesse Alexandrine Kvadrille; 6m30s
Who What Hand Foot Step; Usually start R

16 Intro: Partner up, form sets

#1 88 bars Reel 108bpm
a8 Stand, Kompliment 5678
b4 Heads AdvRet RL R CWCW
 4 HalfProm XH R W8 :face
c4 Chasse Xroisé -R CX x2
 4 T2H R CCCW to face in
d4 Adv RL LR CW;PX -RL Cw
 4 Ret LR RL CW;PX -LR Cw
 4 Ls Turn :Home L R CWCW
 4 Gs Turn :Home R L CWCW 
e4 All Corners CX -RCX x2
 4 Corners T R R CCCW
40 Sides b c d; All e

#2 72 bars Jig 92bpm
a8 Stand 
b4 Heads RingL Rng R CCCW
 4 R&L home R L CCCW
c4 All Ls Ctr RL R CC Bal
 4 All Lasso LL R CCCW
d4 1s thru 2s Gypsy opp, __ Ls face out RH to P
 4 3s thru 4s Gypsy opp, __ Ls face out LH to C
e4 All StarBal 2H L B*2; __ PTRH R CC
 4 Corner T LH R CCCW
32 Sides b c d(3s,1s) e

#3 56 bars Mazurka 108bpm
a8 Stand; Hands in Ring
b4 All Bal in&out, PX W6
 4 repeat
c2 Cnr LH bal R, RH bal L
 2 CTRH change places, W6 
 2 Cnr LH bal R, RH bal L
 2 Pass Rsh to Partner W6
d4 Fwd;Bck; R; Kompliment
 4 Partner TRH R W6
24 Repeat b c d

#4 92 bars Polka 132bpm
a8 Stand; Kompliment
b4 1Cs G1L4 thru & out 2H
 4 & back, G2L3 thru CCCW
 4 2Cs L1G3 thru & out 2H
 4 & back, L2G4 thru CCCW
c8 Gs to RHL set & turn
 8 Gs to P set & turn
d4 heads&R Ss HalfProm XH
 4 R&L home
 4 heads&L Ss HalfProm XH
 4 R&L home
e8 Ls Ring Bal, to opp pl
 4 Head Ls chain home
 4 Side Ls chain home
f8 Ls Chain Gs orbit CCCC
 8 repeat to home
 4 Kompliment, the end
Peter Renzland 2017.06.12