A Note on Les Lanciers, 5th "Tur", "Kolonneopstilling".

Which couple takes 2nd place?

Both Joergensen (1996) and FFF (1997) have it wrong:
1997 FFF, Les Lanciers:  p15-16: 1342 2431 3124 4213.

The first half seems arbitrarily inconsistent with the second half.
Also, the dance-geometry of the second half clearly flows better.

The correct sequence clearly is:   1432 2341 3124 4213.

A good rule is:
The lady who is nearest the active couple steps in next.
(Otherwise, that lady is dragged backward and sideways on a single chord!)
(And both inside couples will be retarded in the Wheel, 32 seconds later.)

Peter Renzland, peter@dancing.org