Peter Renzland's Rubik's Cube Solution Method for Thinkers:

The Face Positions are: Right, Back, Up, Down ...
"R" means "turn the Right face clockwise a quarter".
"R2"=RR,   "R-"=RRR.

We move corners into place, then orient corners
in place, then move edges, using 3 transforms:
cs:  (R B)7 R             Swap 2 corners
ct:  (U2 R- B D2 B- R)2  Twist 2 corners
es:  (R2 B2)3             Swap 2 edge pairs

Other useful transforms:     ("[r]" means "turn the whole cube".)
ct3r: (R [u])12  Twist 3 corners
c:    R B R- B-   Swap 2 corner pairs
cc:   c c        Twist 2 corner pairs
ccc:  c c c       Swap 2 corner pairs (no side effects)
See also Peter Renzland's Simple Elegant Rubik's Cube Solution Method.

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