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N.B.: This page is obsolete. Please refer to the Highlights on the Main Page.

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Before heading out, please verify the listing, as it may be erroneous or obsolete, or the event changed, cancelled, holiday-preempted, reserved, sold-out, or recessed.
For (more) details please see the respective "dance-type" button on the Main Page or use Google. Questions? Email or phone me.

Imminent Random Events (Highlights):

My 24 Fr Hogtown Hoedown (last one before the Fall)
My 31-Ju2 Irish
Jl 21 Su Island Contra 
Oc 19 Sa 1930-2230 -Square $8 401X299N Duff's Church on immediate L
No  8 Fr Cairngorm Ball
No 16 Sa Big Fall Square Dance Kipling North of The Westway

Recurring Events (Overview)

Mo -- Square (Bill Hands)
Tu -- 
We -- Swing (UTSwing), Swedish, Scottish
Th -- Scottish (Trinity)
Fr -- Swing, Waltz, Irish, Danish, IFD, Blues, Square
Sa -- Jazz (744 Mt Pleasant), Swing, Contra, Square, Scottish, English
Su -- 7-9 Finnish

Recurring Events (Details)

N.B.: Almost all recurring events pause during December and May - September!
Mo 1900-2100 -Square Bill Hands Armour Heights Oct 17 to Nov, Jan to May
Mo 1930-2300 BB-Swing People's Chicken Big Band [click]

Tu 1900-2300 Fiddle-Jamboree Rosemont,   1h30  NW of Toronto 3Tu 400x75W89 Orange Hall except Dec,Aug *
Tu 1900-2230 Fiddle-Jamboree Bond Head,  1h   NNW of Toronto 4Tu (semi-Acoustic) *
Tu 2000-2330 Swing Alleycatz

We 1845-2230 Fiddle-Jamboree Whitby,     1h    NE of Toronto 1We    *
We 1845-2230 Fiddle-Jamboree Oshawa,     1h    NE of Toronto 2We    *
We 1930-2230 Fiddle-Jamboree Hamilton,   1h    SW of Toronto 3We Legion58 tile floor
We 1900-2230 Fiddle-Jamboree Port Perry, 1h20 NNE of Toronto 4We Reach Rd Com Cen $3 * not Dec!
We 1930-2230 Traditional Scottish-"Ceilidh" dance Cairngorm Club 1We (Oc-My) $15 Grand March at 8 *
We 2000-2230 -Swing UTSwing [click] 
We 2130-0100 Swing Reservoir Lounge
We 2130-0100 Bluegrass- Silver Dollar Room

Th 1900-2230 Fiddle-Jamboree Thornton,   1h15   N of Toronto 2Th xJlAu Lions Hall Lloyd Preston 705 722-8335 *
Th 1900-2300 Fiddle-Jamboree Holland Lg, 1h     N of Toronto 3Th Com Cen L9N1E8 905 473-7072 (CW) *
Th 2000-2200 -Scottish Trinity College  [click] [click] 
Th 2130-0100 Swing Reservoir Lounge
Th 2100-0100 Irish- Dora Keogh

Fr 1700-1900 Jazz-Standards- Tranzac Foolish Things (no dance floor)
Fr 1930-2230 Danish (alternate?) Fridays Se 10,24 Oc 1,15,29 No 12,26 De 10
Fr 1930-2230 Fiddle-Jamboree Caledon,    1h    NW of Toronto 3Fr spontaneous dancing encouraged
Fr 2000-2300 Square (Appalachian) Hogtown Hoedown (4th Fr xAu) $15/10, Russian Orthodox Church, 823 Manning h.coiner[at]gmail[dot]com
Fr 2000-2330 Square Shomberg             1h   NNW 4Fr Se-No Ja-Ap 400N9Wx27S1R1 $6 *
Fr 2000-2300 -IFD IFDC Folk Dancing (UofT)
Fr 2000-2330 Irish Ceili (some Fridays) .. My 20-22
Fr 2000-2400 -Swing TSDS Toronto Swing Dance Society (2nd, 4th, 5th Fridays) [click]
Fr 2030-2300 Square Newmarket 1st Fr Oc-Ap Seniors Mtg Pl, 474 Davis Dr. E of Yonge, E of RR track 905-939-2311
Fr 2030-0100 -Blues 765B Yonge St (First Friday, maybe) $5, maybe
Fr 2100-2345 Waltz Dovercourt ... 
Fr 2100-2330 Blues Dovercourt (3rd Friday)
Fr 2100-2359 Forroteria Brazilian Dance Mulambo Groove $10 898b St. Clair W 2nd Fr
Fr 2100-2359 Bailinhos Brazilian Socials (with lesson) Bavia Arts (3rd Friday?) [click]

Sa 1600-1900 Jazz Seven44 744 Mt Pleasant (larger dance floor) [click]
Sa 1600-2000 Jazz- Grossman's Tavern (no dance floor)
Sa 1800-2359 Cape Breton (1 Sa?)
Sa 1930-2230 -Square Bill Hands Puslinch Oc 15  No 12  De 10  Ja 14  Fe 11  Mr 10  Ap 14  1h WSW of Toronto $6
Sa 1900-2230 Contra (2nd, 4th, 5th Saturday) Se-Je
Sa 2000-2230 English (1Sa ?)
Sa 2000-2300 -Square Bill Hands Westway Oc 29 No 26 Ja 28 Fe 25 Mr 31 Ap 28 $5
Sa 2030-2300 Square Uxbridge Seniors Centre, Marietta St. Morley Batt 905-939-2311 1h10 NE of Toronto
Sa 2100-0100 Swing-Jazz Dovercourt

Su 1300-1630 Fiddle-Jamboree Shelburne,  1h15  NW of Toronto 2Su Legion Dinner 519-925-3800 *
Su 1400-1700 Jazz Barrie Sticky Fingers  1h15   N of Toronto 3Su $8
Su 1300-1630 Fiddle-Jamboree Dundalk,    1h30  NW of Toronto 4Su Legion Dinner+ *
Su 1230-1630 Fiddle-Jamboree Erin,       1h   WNW of Toronto 4Su Legion $5, Dinner $10 not Dec *
Su 1300-1700 Fiddle-Jamboree Warminster, 1h30 NNW of Toronto 5Su [click (PDF)]
Su 1400-2100 Irish- Dora Keogh
Su 1600-2000 Cape-Breton- Celtic Ceili 
Su 1700-2100 -Alpine-Pop Blue-Danube Tea-Dance $7.50 [click]
Su 1900-2100 -Finnish 
Su 2100-0030 -Swing-Blues Imperial Pub

Special Annual Events:

Fe NY Flurry
Ap To Spring Thaw
Ma ON Owen Sound Spring Fling
Ma To Irish Ma 20-22
Je NY Oswego Great Bear Groove Dance Weekend
Jl To Island Contra
Jl NY  Champlain Valley Folk Festival
Au QC La Grande Rencontre
Se NY Adirondack Lake George silver bay (flurry)
No NY Rochester Thanksgiving weekend

For (more) details please see the respective "dance-type" button on the
Main Page or use Google. Questions? Email or phone me.
[ This minimal list is offered to make people interested in Traditional Social Dancing aware of other people's events. (-X: recorded music; X-: no dance floor.) ... Obsolete old calendar ]

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