Who is Peter Renzland?
What is Dancing.Org? And all that ...

This is the most neglected page on the Dancing.Org web site. I don't spend much time talking about myself.

But I do want to introduce myself a little, show some photos, explain about the web site, traditional social dancing, the Hep Cats, and what I am doing about swing music and swing dancing in Toronto.

I hope to have time for all that real soon now ... :-)

Meanwhile, there is beautiful music to dance to, wonderful partners to dance with, nature and sunshine to celebrate ...

If you find these web pages useful ... how can you help? There are over 200 web pages and over 1000 links. It takes work to keep it all up-to-date and accurate, and much isn't. If I know that a particular page is being used and is found useful, I'm more likely to keep that page in good shape. Also, if you find a typo, an error, an ommission or a dead link, I will gladly fix it as soon as I find out about it.

Another quick note. I provide resources as a courtesy, to various individuals and organizations who are involved in traditional social dancing. I like to think that they respect what I do, but they may see some things differently, so I don't necessarily agree with everything that those guest organizations say on their web pages.

Swing is Jazz music.
Swing Dancing is Jazz Dancing.
Swing music is pure joy.

For your dancing mind --

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