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TORONTO Traditional Social Dance CALENDAR
Dancing is the loftiest, most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself!" -- Havelock Ellis: The Dance of Life

mfa$wdstart-endR e g u l a r   D a n c e s
...5Mo1930-2200Irish Set Dance Lessons 823 Manning Ave 905 270-1130
*--0Mo2000-2300{3rd} George Lake Big Band at Chick'n Deli, 744 Mt. Pleasant at Eglinton
*.Mo2100-0100Reservoir Lounge (Monday night is good for dancing - not crowded)
*.-0Mo2200-0200  Laura Hubert at Grossman's
*..0Tu1905-2400    Radio CHWO 740 Bob Sprott: Big Band Panorama
-=-5Tu1930-2200English 823 Manning
*5Tu2130-0200Reservoir Lounge
...?We1300-1500SCD at Trinity St. Paul, 427 Bloor W.
...7We1930-2200Irish Set&Ceili practice 310 Danforth at Chester Maureen Mulvey 446-6993
***10We2000-2300{1st Sep-May} Cairngorm Scottish traditional ballroom dance club
*...We2030-2400Wed Nite Hop at Grace O'Malley's: 14 Duncan at Adelaide (St Andrew Subway)
Free Lesson at 7:30
*.We2130-0200Reservoir Lounge
*...We2215-2400Jay Danley Quintet at Cervejaria: 842 College W of Ossington
*..0Th1703-1800    Radio CIUT 89.5 Colin Bray: Sugarfoot Stomp
*..0Th1900-2400    Radio CHWO 740 Bob Sprott: Swing It
*..0Th1903-2000    Radio CIUT 89.5 Atlantic Ceilidh
-*=4Th2000-2200Trinity Scottish Country Dancing
*.Th2130-0200Reservoir Lounge
***10Fr1930-2400{Not every week} Irish Set Dance Ceili SMOKEFREE
-==13Fr2130-0000{2,4} TSDS classes at 8; mostly post-1950 DJ music SMOKEFREE
*.Fr2130-0200Reservoir Lounge
=..0Sa1100-1200    Radio CHKT 1430 Irish, dance event announcements at 11:40
*..0Sa1600-1900  Jeff and the Jazz Wizards at Healey's 178 Bathurst/Queen 416 922-4459 (not the best air or floor, but great Jazz music!)
*..0Sa1905-2400    Radio CHWO 740 George Ionescu: Big Band Saturday Night
==*8Sa2000-2230{2nd Sep-Apr} Square, Round, Line Westminster United Church,69 William St, (Lawrence&Jane) 244-1597 : Bill Hands
==*8Sa2000-2230{4th Oct-Apr} Square, Round, Line Westway United Church, 8 Templar Dr, (Westway&Kipling) 241-9930 : Bill Hands
***8Sa2000-2330{2,4,5 Sep-Jun} TCD Contra Dance SMOKEFREE
***10Sa2000-2300{Sep 6, Dec 6, Feb 7, Mar 6, Jun 6} HAMILTON Contra Dance 905 526-0210
***6Sa2000-2330{3rd Oct-May} MARKHAM Trad. Square 19 Parkway Ave, 3B N of 7, 1.5B E of 48
(Couples dances taught at 7:30) Live Music, Potluck Snack. 249-0147, 961-9719, 905-665-1524
==-7Sa2030-0100{3rd?} Swamparella Cajun dance at The Gladstone, 1214 Queen W. (lesson at 8:30, band at 9:30)
=*=8Sa2100-0100{?} Simon's Swing Dance DJs or Band, ($10 with lesson at 8) 805 Dovercourt House
*.Sa2130-0200Reservoir Lounge
*==20Su1200-1600Julie Michaels' Jazz Brunch at Revival ($7 without food)
*.=0Su1500-1900  {last?} Freeway Jazz Band at Rex Hotel 194 Queen St W 598-2475; no dance floor
=..0Su1605-1800    Radio CHWO 740 Scots program, with dance event announcements
=*=5Su1700-2100Danube-Swabian DanceTea 1686 Ellesmere Rd E/McCowan 290-6186
=..0Su1700-2200    Radio CJRT 91.1 Big Band Program
=..0Su1805-1900    Radio CHWO 740 Irish program, with dance event announcements
*10Su1800-2100{1st & 3rd} Uptown Swing Band at The Embers, 781 Warden Ave. Scarborough, (416) 751-9140 (1 light South of Eglinton Ave.) Full Buffet Dinner, plus a Regular menu. Hardwood Dance Floor.
mfa$wdmthdaytimeS p e c i a l   E v e n t s
***$$WdMonMd-Mon_MdFor Special Events see: Dancing.Org

^^^^^---- (Event rating -- MUSIC, FLOOR, ATMOSPHERE (0-3: .-=*)) 

Je                       ,            ,        ,        , 
danse                    \_@_      {)/ (}, @   \@    {)/  
donc                      \ /\_._,(_/  ()_/7   /\_._,(_\  
je                         \      /_\ /_\ /)  /\      /_\ 
suis.                      /)    /(   / )( \ '  )     (  `

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